Tricks to get your baby to fall asleep, from sleep experts

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Let’s face it — when your kids or baby don’t , you don’t either. And not only is that exhausting, but can lead to health issues that no one wants. Not only is good for you, it’s also essential that kids and babies get enough rest each night.

If you’re struggling to get your baby or child to sleep at night, there are several tried-and-true strategies you can use to make the whole process better. Some of them may take some time to implement, but once you do enforce better sleep habits for your kids, everyone benefits. 

If anyone knows about the best can’t-miss tips for sleep, it’s professional sleep coaches who specialize in helping babies and kids sleep better. So I talked to two sleep experts for their best advice — keep reading below for their tips.

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Teaching kids to sleep independently will help them sleep better in the long run.

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1. Teach your babies and kids to sleep independently 

It may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes you are the reason why your baby can’t fall asleep or stay asleep. According to , certified pediatric and adult sleep consultant and sleep coach for , learning sleep independence is key for babies and kids.

«Instead of being rocked or fed to sleep, they should be put in their cribs wide-awake to fall asleep on their own. This will allow them to fall asleep more quickly, as well as to sleep for longer stretches throughout the night,» says Murray. According to Murray, this happens because babies sleep in cycles and wake up briefly after each stage of the cycle. «During the arousal, they do a quick scan to make sure their environment is consistent with bedtime. This is a protective mechanism to ensure there is no danger,» says Murray. 

«If you’re helping your baby to fall asleep (i.e. by rocking, feeding, bouncing, etc.), then they will be alarmed that they are no longer in your arms, which will lead to a full wake-up. They will then need you to help them fall back to sleep,» says Murray. This is why it’s important to let them learn to sleep on their own so when they wake up, they can go back to sleep without being alarmed or scared.

Murray says the same goes for kids, even if you are tempted to lay with them when they are falling asleep. «If you are present when they fall asleep, they will need you present in the middle of the night when connecting sleep cycles. If their sleep is fragmented, they won’t feel well-rested the next day and will be extra grumpy,» says Murray.

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