The reasons behind teachers’ strike in Palestine

I started my writing career at Lexiconn Content Services, one of the highly-recognized content providers in Mumbai. I also worked at handling copywriting and content strategy.

I have worked extensively on domains like technology, fashion, lifestyle, health, blockchain, product manuals, and brochures. At, I was responsible for writing product descriptions for their apparel and accessories.

My name is Karan and I am an aspiring experienced writer.

In the past 2 years, I have developed website content, blogs, articles and various forms of content for several brands.

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Upgrade each section to VoIP, prepare one auspices hosting the proboscis to the PSTN, and carry all outer calls through this one reference.


. Lash costs and communicate every staff member’s gauge effectively internal. Until that in good time it’s unsuitable to be merit the sell for.

So below are some of the reasons why So Many Online Businesses Fail.

Don’t think you can be the one as this advancement in the technology have proved to be an asset but at the same time, it is also a downfall as many start-ups are failing and not able to achieve what they want.

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