How to Make Money on the Hydra DarkNet Market

Police crackdowns, as is the case for traditional drug markets, are not effective measures to lower the volume of sales on online illicit drug markets. Cryptomarket participants have been shown to have a minimal reaction, or one that is temporary, to overtly large shows of force and to have the ability to adapt through displacement techniques. Additionally, it reduces the inherent risk of accessing criminal forums and marketplaces.

Instead, security professionals get hyper-relevant alerts that can quickly be assessed and acted on without ever actually having to go onto the dark web or painstakingly gaining access to marketplaces. This reduces the need for skilled professionals to spend all their time manually monitoring the entirety of the web and assessing the associated risks. At that time, the main Russian DNM was RAMP. It will also help you structure all the information that we’re about to revail.

What is Hydra? The darknet Market Hydra was launched in 2015 as a market focused on drugs. RAMP and Hydra’s peaceful competition stopped at the beginning of 2017 when both DNMs started to fight what is now referred to as «the DNM war.» To see a brief history of Darknet Markets and Hydra’s influence on it look at the infographic timeline we’ve created. Many Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) citizens also used big Western DNMs: AlphaBay, Hansa Market and Dream Market.

The Hydra DarkNet Market also has a very advanced system that helps you track your orders. This system is called «the tracker», and it is really helpful for you if you have a large number of transactions. Introduction Hydra is currently the biggest Russian language darknet Market (DNM). The former is a new DNM for English-speaking crooks. In December 2019, the Hydra crew announced the creation of several new projects, the most important of which are Eternos and AspaNET.

The Hydra crew initially planned to launch new projects in September 2020, but in June they postponed it for an unspecified time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The latter is a new darknet that will be an alternative to TOR. It is also much older than any existing English language DNMs. Given the events in the English speaking sphere of TOR during the last 18 months, current instability among DNMs and uncertainty among darknet users, it could be an opportune time for a new player to take the stage.

The videos are made in a spectacular, attractive style and give a feeling of an attempt at attractiveness. The videos talk about Hydra’s beginnings and their war with RAMP, the drug cache system and how human lives are destroyed by drugs. There are numbers which are exaggerated probably to make Hydra look even stronger and richer than it really is. At the same time, investigation materials on Hydra were published on the Russian language internet.

Although the message of the last one is clear and educational, while watching the first two videos one may have the impression of looking at a Hydra advertisement. For example, the given number of 80 criminal Telegram channels where Hydra adverts were published in 2017 is far too big. Also, the monthly pricing for sharing Hydra ads on the Telegram channel is enormously big.

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