Google’s dominance in the marketplace has led to prominent media coverage

Google’s dominance in the marketplace has led to prominent media coverage, including criticism of Google on issues such as aggressive tax evasion, search neutrality, copyright law, censorship of results, and search content and privacy. Other criticisms include the alleged abuse and manipulation of search results, the use of the intellectual property of others, concerns that compiling data could violate people’s privacy and the power consumption of their servers, as well as concerns about traditional business problems such as monopolies, trade restrictions, anti-competitive practices, and patent infringement.

In early June 2020, a group of consumers filed a $ 5 billion class action lawsuit against Google claiming that Chrome’s incognito browsing mode was still tracking your user history. The lawsuit came to light in March 2021 when a federal judge denied Google’s motion to dismiss the case and ruled that they must face the group’s charges. Reuters reported that the lawsuit alleged that Google CEO Sundar Pichai tried to dissuade users from this link problem.

Updated: 30. oktober 2021 — 04:34

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