Finding Love in the 21st Century

Finding Love in the 21st Century

Finding love has never been an easy task.

Today, with the world demanding so much of our attention at work, school or raising a family; it’s become even more difficult to try to date. This tricky puzzle has led many of us to explore a variety of dating opportunities; from speed dating and singles events to online dating or matchmaking services.

With so many options out there today, how do you know which will ultimately lead you to your soul mate and not be a waste of time?

While it might seem as though using online dating sites or social media to try and find your next boyfriend or girlfriend is the way to go; finding long-lasting love this way hasn’t been as successful for everyone.

So what is the best way to find love in the 21st century? Below is an evaluation of some of the common ways people are attempting to look for love today.

1) Online Dating:

Online dating is certainly a quick and inexpensive way to try to find love.

While it might seem like all the rage, with sites like and Tinder, the online dating fad appears to be fading away as quickly as it sprang up. Visit any major Internet dating platform, and you’re guaranteed to read countess horror stories from users about exactly how unsuccessful these services have been for them.

The biggest complaint is that Internet dating is like having a full-time job. Some other typical complaints are that both men and women post deceiving photos or profiles of themselves. Most dating experts will usually say, «You get what you pay for.» And with online dating platforms, you don’t get much help or guidance to make the process of finding love easier.

While online dating sites can be an interesting way to get your feet wet or start to dabble in the online dating world, it’s important to be careful before jumping into anything. Taking the time to do research about the person you are planning on going out with could be a great way to prevent mishaps at the actual meeting, but it can also become very time consuming.

2) Singles Events:

If you truly don’t have that much free time on your hands, singles events might be a good way for you to jump right in and get started on the path to finding love. The flip side of attending a dating event or speed date is that there is little to no screening that goes into this prior to the event.

While this might be a good experience to try out, you should try to do some homework before taking things a step further. Men and women could still be married, have a troubled financial background or other skeletons in the closet you wouldn’t be able to discover before dedicating your time at an event.

The biggest dilemma is that there is no way to know if someone is looking for a committed relationship or simply a casual romance. Most singles also report that they see the same people over and over, and it is a waste of their time and money.

With events like this being very unpredictable, the chances of establishing a genuine romantic connection with other individuals are quite small.

Many attendees find themselves frustrated with this process over time, and grow tired of the same shallow experiences that can typically be expected from quick encounters such as these.

3) Matchmaking Services:

If you are someone who has either had a bad experience with online dating or singles events, it might be time to consult an expert.

For a smaller upfront investment, it might be best to leave your love life in the hands of dedicated professionals. Successful matchmakers have developed a reputation for opening doors to happy, lasting relationships for men and women. The key advantage to using a professional matchmaker as opposed to a dating site is the level of personal attention offered to clients.

Matchmaking is also the perfect tool for those who believe that the ideal partner can’t be found using a search engine, keyword search or online profile. Matchmaking services have proven themselves to be one of the most consistently reliable dating platforms available today.

So why are more singles today seeking the help of a matchmaker instead of attempting the current DIY methods? According to veteran Long Island Matchmaker, Maureen Tara Nelson (MTN), «This is due in large part to the fact that matchmaking services offer a high degree of personal service and security that other avenues simply cannot provide».

Professional matchmaking services, also typically include background checks on all individuals for added security and a more accurate match. Although daters are typically required to fill out a personal online profile, there are very few systems in place to ensure that people really are who they say they are.

There is a lot going on today in the world of dating. Regardless of whether you are new to the game or a veteran that feels like they have come to a dead end, it is important to stay positive and continue to put yourself out there. Trying new things or going out of your comfort zone are great but you should also take the time to evaluate how successful certain situations feel.

If you aren’t happy online or doing DIY dating, try a more personal service like using a matchmaker.

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