Brides Choose Gold Diamond Necklace Or Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace?

What does a bride prefer to wear on her wedding day- A gold diamond necklace or a sterling silver diamond necklace?

While most brides prefer to wear pearl necklaces, some brides wear their mother's diamond necklaces or borrowed from someone else. Colored diamond necklaces are also classy & chic and work very well with colored wedding dresses. You can also wear diamond necklaces to match your bouquet or your skin tone.

Darker skin tones like Hispanics, West Indians or South Asians have work well with gold diamond necklace designs. If you opt for 다이아 목걸이 a sterling silver diamond necklace then it's an easy choice and so much cheaper than yellow or white gold. A silver diamond necklace gives you the appearance of white gold, yet is very affordable- a very important factor for brides on a budget.

A 14k White Gold Diamond Pendant will accentuate a wide neckline and an empire-waist wedding dress, giving you a retro glamor from the Golden Age of Hollywood. It's a very simple and elegant diamond necklace that shows off your wedding dress to perfection. If you're wearing a wedding dress with a lot of lace then you can wear a sterling silver diamond necklace with a filigreed pendant.

It's subtly graceful and doesn't overpower all the lace & filigree work on your wedding dress.

Even if you want to wear a gold diamond necklace, but are thinking twice about whether it will look good on you, get a diamond pendant in yellow rhodium plated sterling silver.

You can always get the necklace plating changed to something that you will like. It will be cheaper than a gold necklace & give you the glitzy and bright appearance of a yellow gold necklace.

The mother of the bride and bridegroom can also wear yellow gold plated sterling silver diamond necklace depending on whether you can afford to get diamond necklaces for your whole family.

Want to have some luck on your wedding day for 금목걸이 a good start on your life together then wear a 14k white gold diamond necklace with a four leaf clover motif. A 4-leaf clover is rare and finding one is said to bring good luck to the finder or in this case the wearer.

While many couples are marking their engagement announcements with parties and professional photograph albums, it will also be a good idea to have a formal engagement reception & invite most of whom you plan on inviting to your wedding. It will give you a fair idea of how many people you feel comfortable inviting for your wedding.

Keep your engagement party simple, and try to squeeze in the entire guest list that you may use for your wedding day. Many religiously inclined couples may find it's a good idea to have a small ceremony at church followed by a garden party for the guests.

You can also decide to have a small party at home and announce your engagement.

Here to religious couples may want the blessings of their priests and invite them over. The guests who may feel uncomfortable in a religious setting can be invited to attend the after-party where they can mingle freely with all your friends & family.

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