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Another lucky day for the Ladies nitro logo golf balls. It was the Ladies Closing Day – Christmas Day. Next Tuesday is our Christmas Party and Presentation Day commencing at 11.15am for drinks and nibbles in the Lounge area, then retire to the Magnolia Room for Presentation and Lunch. Then assisted us at the 1st & 10th tees. There was a big Social Day of golf with an 8.30 shotgun start which kept us off some parts of the course however we had plenty to do at the 1st & 10th tees which meant that we could work off the course. Nigel continued his work on the 1st and 10th tees removing rogue weeds. Anne then went on to work on her gardens at the 10th & 18th, weeding, trimming and fertilizing. We had a three course meal with a complimentary champagne and entertainment laid on for hours leading us right up to midnight to welcome in the New Year and then dancing into the small hours. The Food was good, the service was great, the entertainment was brilliant. Grounds get a good soaking to see us through until the dams are filled. The timber orders have been coming in which is good to see.

«I didn’t know coming in, getting up at 5:45 in the morning to go play golf in a tournament has never been something that I’ve been accustomed to, so my whole routine and process was completely different. The Office at Gosford Golf Club will process the entry and CCDGA will do the draw. We are in the process of refreshing the white gravel in the wedding garden area which will be paid for from the proceeds of firewood sales. One of the best factor about Winter Springs is that it is filled with parks on every road subsequently your entire area appears green. Di went on to wipe the hole in spite of all the help she got from her friends; Glennis English was all square at the 17th; Leonie Casey had a very balanced game, Robyn Johnston had a gobbler at the 7th and a plus at the 8th; Dawn Tromp chipped in on the 2nd for 5; Felicity Mead had a gobbler on the 5th; my highlight was my drive on the 8th that just slipped past the hole (my best effort ever for a hole in one) & then getting the birdie putt. The group called in the help of Maggie Minjoy in her cart & with the aid of the water rescue tool managed to get the driver and the ball out of the tree.

Be sure to get in for your tickets and book your tables. I may get in trouble for saying this, but before I started actually playing golf – I didn’t think it was a real sport! HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY as reported to me: Rosemary Cohen – behind the bunker on the edge, on the downslope, with much whinging about the mud and conditions, hit her gobbler shot into the hole at the 18th for a Plus; Lorraine Bignall had a gobbler at the 4th; Marrianne Lanham had a gobbler at the 3rd; Rhonda Robertson sank a great long putt at the 17th; Anne Burke concentrated well for her good score of Plus 1; Di Beechey on the 6th hole hit her shot up into a very spindly branch of a tree where it became trapped, After many tries by her playing partners they were unable to dislodge the ball. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY as reported to me: Arthur Collien had a birdie on the 7th; Kay Frewin had a three pointer on the 12th; Lauren Kay had 21 points in her first competition game including some good drives and 3/4 on the 5th; Joyce Bosley had a four pointer; Annie Brink had a four pointer; Kim Cardiff had four pointers on the 6th and the 17th; Lauren Matterson had a 4 pointer o the 14th; Col Matterson had birdies on the 2nd and the 4th; Fran James had two 3/4’s; Owen James had a 25 foot gobbler putt on the 14th; Leigh Kay played a steady game with 18 points either side; Michael Norman lost his ball on the 1st hole and broke his driver on the 3rd hole; Georgina Lamb had 4/4 on the 16th; Vicki Foster had 41 points, 23 points on the back nine including 5 three pointers; Graeme Kingsmill had a gobbler birdie on the 4th and lipped out of a birdie on the 3rd; Fay Bailey did some good chipping and parred the 1st, 11th, 15th & 16th; Di Beechey had a birdie on the 8th and had pars on the 6th and 11th; Glennis English had a gobbler par on the 2nd; Nigel Asken had four 3 pointers; Des Wilson had a birdie on the 16th; Helen Stuart had 4/4 at the 11th and 3/4 at the 12th; Mark Stimpson had three birdies – a chip in at the 9th, a chip in at the 11th and a putt in on the 15th; Clyde Cruickshanks had three birdies – 16th, 18th & 7th; Lyn Cruickshanks made some good recovery shots; John Hazzard had no wipes; Duncan Brown had 38 points and three birdies at the 10th; 1st and 2nd; Ray Stapleton had 4/4 on the 15th; Wendy Stapleton had a birdie on the 16th; Rhonda Robertson parred the 10th; Wally Robertson had two 3 pointers; Lorraine Bignall had 4/4 on the 4th and three pointers on the 5th and the 11th; Jan Walker had 3/3 on the 14th; Neville Walker had 4/3 on the 16th; Kevin O’Brien had 35 points playing a steady game with no wipes.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY as reported to me: Anne Glance (Shelly Beach) had a great chip onto the 5th for a par, a long putt on the 14th for a par and a great shot from under a tree where her ball was nestled in the tree root and put the ball on the green; Donna O’Brien (Hawks Nest) skillfully threaded her ball through two trees at the 4th and had a par at the 5th; Lorraine Bignall parred the 7th, 14th and the 17th; Lynn Puiatti parred the 1st, 6th and the 7th; Shirley Daly played a great back 9; Kim Burke had 8 pars on the back nine; Di Thomlinson had a birdie on the 11th; Fran James had a gobbler at the 10th , a gobbler par at the 12th and parred the 2nd; Margaret Harrowell (Terrigal) enjoyed the day; Marianne Lanham had 7 pars and broke 100 (her thanks to Scotty’s coaching); Ronda Jordon was accused by her playing partners for being boring by hitting straight down the middle all the time; Elly Van Den Berg had a par on the 8th and a gobbler par on the 5th; Wendy Stapleton was an improved player; my highlights were playing with my ladies from Hawks Nest and Shelly Beach, Parring the 1st, 2nd and the 14th and winning a ball on the day.

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