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Surlyn is harder than the urethane covers that are featured on high-end high-spin golf balls used by professional golfers. Delivery from any professional online business is normally fast and realistically priced. Drivers range from $200 to $400, iron sets range from $500 to $900, hybrids from $130 to $200 and putters are priced up to about $300. An existing theoretical treatment of normal impact between a homogeneous, imperfectly elastic sphere and a planar barrier is unable to represent the behavior observed experimentally when golf balls are fired at a steel block. This new dimple design by Bridgestone is meant to help the golf ball reach peak trajectory (to maximize distance) while increasing the spin rate of the golf ball (for higher ball flight). With the Bridgestone e6 golf ball, you’re getting the best of both worlds, distance and feel without unintended side spin. It is recommended for you to purchase a bag that has many side pockets, if you’re usually carrying lot of equipments through your game.

If you’re interested in knowing more about these balls, you’re in the right place. Shop our huge golf collection and then order your golf clubs, golf balls, and accessories from top brands like TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Callaway, and Titleist! 6. Precept – Another make that you will surely love is the Precept golf ball. From a technical standpoint, the ball has 360 dimples on a urethane cover, an outer core layer, the mantle, and a large core. Just like the e6, the Bridgestone e7 features a Surlyn cover which is harder than urethane. Urethane covers are less durable than surlyn covers (compare to the e6 and e7), but are preferred for players looking to get their golf ball to react on the green. The Bridgestone e7 golf ball is specifically designed to give you maximum distance off of the tee. The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is meant to be a middle ground between the two-piece golf balls designed to increase distance and the 5 piece golf balls that emphasize maximum spin and feel for low handicap players. The monogrammed callaway golf balls Superhot 70 golf ball is one of the best golf balls on the market for players looking for distance.

If you’re looking to increase your distance and you’re not concerned about losing a bit of forgiveness, then the Bridgestone e7 golf ball is for you. If you’re looking for a golf ball that spins around the greens, has soft feel and that you can shape this is the best golf ball for you. If you don’t mind playing a harder feeling golf ball and want to maximize distance, this is the best golf ball for you. The Bridgestone e6 is probably the golf ball that we should all be playing right now. Older children may like a five dollar gift card to their favorite eatery or perhaps some playing cards. Whittling a golf vacation necessities list down to five items is a tough chore. The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is another golf ball that is aimed at the mid to high handicapper, but don’t get confused, this golf ball is not the same as the Bridgestone e5 or e7.

The Bridgestone e5 is definitely on of the best golf balls that you can play. It is the best golf ball on the market for straight flight, which puts it near the top of the best golf balls list. The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is designed to fly as straight as possible – reducing the prevalence of big slices and hooks. The core of the Bridgestone e6 golf ball is a soft compression core. The Bridgestone e7 golf ball is designed for amateur golfers with any swing speed below 95 mph. The shell of the Bridgestone e6 golf ball is made from Surlyn, a tough material made for distance golf balls. The three pieces of this golf ball include a ‘mantle’ layer which surrounds the core, the rubber core itself, and an soft plastic cover on the outside of the ball. Unlike other pure distance golf balls, the Bridgestone e7 is a three piece golf ball similar to the e6. The mantle layer of the Bridgestone e6 may be why it is one of the best golf balls today and gives the golf ball a soft feel.

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