The Best 250+ Common Trivia Questions with Replies

Elegant a trivia test buff? or perhaps you want to design your very own trivia test. Well, we’ve acquired 250+ trivia answers and questions lined up so that you can attempt to understand and they span numerous groups. Are you aware almost everything about videos and tv but nothing about health? Or do you reckon you can respond to them all? It is a chance to test out your information by using these entertaining trivia queries. In order to create your personal on-line quiz you can also build a trivia test from the beginning or according to trivia test good examples & web templates.

Trivia Query Groups

These represent the trivia groups we shall deal with:

Technologies & technology queries

Put tradition inquiries

Autos & sports activities questions

Overall health & cooking questions

Geography & record questions

Songs & literature inquiries

Trend & layout concerns

Rules & politics queries

Wildlife queries

Enterprise concerns

Online game & riddles inquiries

Faith & customs queries

Books for general knowledge

Technology & Scientific research Trivia Queries

Modern technology Trivia Queries

These trivia inquiries give attention to cell mobile phones, operating systems, the history of your personal computer, and social networking.

technical concerns

What season was the 1st model of the iPhone launched?

Answer: 2007

What’s the shortcut to the «copy» work on many computer systems?

Respond to: ctrl c

What exactly is often viewed as the littlest model of memory?

Respond to: kilobyte

Is Java a form of Operating-system?

Response: No

That is often called the daddy of your personal computer?

Solution: Charles Babbage

Just what does «HTTP» stand for?

Respond to: HyperText Shift Process

What is the brand from the gentleman who released eBay in 1995?

Respond to: Pierre Omidyar

Which email service is belonging to Microsoft?

Solution: Hotmail

Google Stainless, Safari, Firefox, and Explorer are different types of what?

Response: Internet browsers

What was Twitter’s original brand?

Response: twttr

Science Trivia Queries

This part focuses on the weather conditions, planets, and factors. Think it is possible to respond to all of the trivia concerns correctly? Consider these questions!

scientific trivia concerns

Who discovered penicillin?

Solution: Alexander Fleming

Who had been the first female to earn a Nobel Winning prize (in 1903)?

Solution: Marie Curie

What area of the atom has no electronic fee?

Answer: Neutron

What exactly is the icon for potassium?

Solution: K

Exactly what is meteorology the research into?

Response: The climate

Which earth may be the most popular inside the solar power method?

Response: Venus

Which natural failure is analyzed by using a Richter scale?

Respond to: Earthquakes

What animals are pearls present in?

Answer: Oysters

Which planet has got the most gravity?

Solution: Jupiter

How many substances of air does ozone have?

Answer: A few

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Pop Customs Trivia Inquiries

Comics Trivia Questions

The next queries include the two biggest superhero comic homes in the world – Marvel and DC.

queries about comics

What exactly is Hawkeye’s genuine title?

Respond to: Clint Barton

Which Avenger is the only person who could calm the Hulk lower?

Response: Black color Widow

Nighttime Crawler, person in the By-Gentlemen, has what sort of abilities?

Answer: Can teleport

Which infinity natural stone was located on Vormir?

Respond to: Soul Stone

Which authentic Avenger was not in the initial videos?

Respond to: The Wasp

What was Superman’s delivery brand?

Respond to: Kal-El

What is the brand of Batman’s butler?

Answer: Alfred

Aquaman comes from which town under the ocean?

Answer: Atlantis

Who seems to be Natural Lantern’s nemesis?

Response: Sinestro

What does DC stand for?

Detective Comics

Movies & Television Concerns

The trivia online game inquiries are common entertainment-structured? Have you been a major enough video and television lover to respond to them all?

Motion picture & Television trivia questions

What is the label in the song that Princess Elsa sings as she strengthens her ice cubes fortress within the movie Frosty?

Answer: Let It Go

Just how many videos do Sean Connery engage in 007 in?

Solution: Seven

Which Indiana Jones movie was released back 1984?

Solution: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The number of Lord from the Jewelry movies are there?

Respond to: About three

What was the label of the actor who performed Jack Dawson in Titanic?

Respond to: Leonardo DiCaprio

Which well-known Tv program highlighted property Targaryen and Stark?

Response: Game of Thrones

What was the label of your family members who starred in 7th Paradise?

Answer: The Camdens

Which animated personality life in a pineapple within the sea?

Solution: Spongebob Squarepants

In what 12 months was the initial episode of South Recreation area shown?

Response: 1997

Questions Regarding Stars, Famous people & Influencers

These superstar inquiries inquire about the hottest titles in Hollywood and online.

Trivia questions on celebs

Which actor showed up in movies «Face Off» and «Ghost Rider»?

Response: Nicholas Cage

Who played out Wolverine?

Answer: Hugh Jackman

Which celebrity won the Oscar for Best Celebrity in 2003?

Response: Nicole Kidman

The Youthful Victoria was played by which British celebrity?

Solution: Emily Blunt

What age was Coco Gauff when she first beat Venus Williams?

Answer: 15

By which calendar year managed Usain Bolt established his 100m in 9.58 secs community record?

Answer: 2009

How many times possessed Rafael Nadal earned french Wide open by March 2020?

Respond to: 12

When Michael Jordan enjoyed to the Chicago Bulls, how many NBA Championships do he acquire?

Response: Half a dozen

Who did Forbes title the youngest self-created billionaire in 2019?

Response: Kylie Jenner

Which Dutch make-up designer arrived to be transgender in 2020?

Solution: De Jager

Undertaking Disciplines Trivia Concerns

These questions shine a spot light in the undertaking disciplines, i.e. theater, musicals, and dance. In the end, the demonstrate must continue on.

performing arts trivia questions

Who performed Anita inside the first Broadway production of Western Side Narrative?

Answer: Chita Rivera

By which US town is Broadway found?

Answer: The Big Apple

What is the lengthiest-running Broadway display?

Respond to: The Phantom of the Opera

Which show will be the maximum-grossing manufacturing on Broadway possibly?

Response: The Lion King

In what year was Broadway founded?

Response: 1750

Where time period do ballet originate?

Solution: Italian Renaissance

Where season is the Nutchracker primarily performed?

Solution: Throughout Christmas year

What French ballet expression implies ‘in front’?

Solution: Devant

Who has been the best male ballet dancer in the earlier 20th century?

Response: Vaslav Nijinsky

What is a plié in ballet?

Response: Twisting at the knees

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Cars & Sporting activities Inquiries

Auto Trivia Queries

These trivia concerns are everything about the auto planet which includes its history and modern day advancements.

questions on autos

That is often recognized with creating the world’s initially vehicle?

Respond to: Karl Benz

Which animal is seen on the Porsche company logo?

Response: Horse

Which businesses are section of the Big About three?

Answer: General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Autos, and Ford Motor Business

Which organization operates Bugatti, Lamborghini. Audi, Porsche, and Ducati?

Answer: Volkswagen

Which vehicle company was the first one to provide chair belts?

Solution: Nash Motors

Just what does BMW represent (in English)?

Respond to: Bavarian Electric motor Functions

What or that is the Ford Mustang named following?

Solution: A fighter airplane from WWII

The amount of components (screws and bolts provided) does the normal automobile have?

Solution: 30, 000

Which car is often referred to as the initially muscle auto?

Solution: The Pontiac GTO

With what year was the Corvette launched?

Answer: 1953

Sports Trivia Concerns

This trivia section handles report-breaking up athletes along with the background and rules of sports.

Trivia queries about sports activities

The amount of football players should each crew have on the discipline at the start of each match?Answer: 11

When Michael Jordan played out for that Chicago Bulls, the amount of NBA Championships performed he earn?

Solution: Half a dozen

Which Williams sibling has won a lot more Huge Slam titles?

Respond to: Serena

What land earned the very first FIFA World Cup in 1930?

Answer: Uruguay

With what 12 months was the 1st-at any time Wimbledon Tournament kept?

Respond to: 1877

Which racer supports the report for Fantastic Prix is the winner?

Solution: Michael Schumacher

Which Jamaican runner is definitely an 11-time planet champion and supports the report inside the 100 and 200-gauge competition?

Response: Usain Bolt

Which boxer was referred to as «The Greatest» and «The People’s Champion»?

Respond to: Muhammad Ali

What sport was Jesse Owens involved in?

Answer: Monitor and area

Which hockey staff managed Wayne Gretzky engage in for in the ‘80s?

Response: Edmonton Oilers

Wellness & Cooking Trivia Questions

Meals & Drink Trivia Inquiries

This trivia test questions and answers portion is all about jaws-watering cuisine from around the world.

Trivia queries about food and drinks

What is the frequent reputation for dried up plums?

Respond to: Prunes

What label does deer meats pass by?

Respond to: Venison

How many other name does «corn» go by?

Response: Maize

What’s the key substance in hummus?

Solution: Chickpeas

Which country creates by far the most espresso on earth?

Response: Brazil

Which country developed teas?

Solution: The far east

Which sort of alcoholic drinks is Russia notoriously noted for?

Response: Vodka

Just what is the countrywide meal of Spain?

Answer: Paella

Which European nation was thought to create sausages?

Solution: Germany

Which land is accountable for supplying us pizzas and noodles?

Response: Italy

Well being Trivia Concerns

These trivia questions give attention to wellness, diseases, exercise, along with the body’s techniques, organs, and body structure.

Trivia questions regarding wellness

Which organ has four chambers?

Respond to: The center

Through which entire body component could you find the femur?

Response: Lower body

What exactly is your body’s greatest body organ?

Solution: The skin

What sort of tissues are located in the head?

Answer: Neurons

Which bone fragments are babies given birth to without?

Respond to: Knee cover

Regarding how several taste buds does the average individual mouth have?

Respond to: 10,000

What portion of our systems consists of h2o?

Respond to: 60-65Per cent

Which component is considered to hold bone robust?

Response: Calcium supplements

Just what does the acronym Helps stand for?

Response: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

How many times does the heart rhythm each day?

Answer: About 100,000

Geography & History Trivia Queries

Geography Trivia Inquiries

These trivia queries is going to take yourself on a visit all over the world. Simply how much have you any idea about each region?

Geography associated trivia queries

What is the label from the thin and extended country that covers over half from the western shoreline of South America?

Solution: Chile

Which American express will be the greatest (by area)?

Respond to: Alaska

Which two places talk about the greatest global edge?

Respond to: Canada and also the United states

Just what is the most compact region on earth?

Respond to: Vatican City

Which continent is the biggest?

Response: Asia

Which in the 7 Miracles can be found in Egypt?

Solution: The Pyramids of Giza

Exactly what is the funds of the latest Zealand?

Respond to: Wellington

Which desert is the biggest worldwide?

Solution: The Sahara Desert (although Antarctica, which is bigger, may possibly meet the criteria like a desert as well)

Exactly what is the title from the world’s greatest stream?

Answer: The Nile

Which city in India do you discover the Taj Mahal in?

Solution: Agra

Historical past Trivia Concerns

This portion of trivia inquiries deals with 3 different time periods in human background. Simply how much do you know about the earlier?

Record trivia queries

With what title had been the Egyptian kings/rulers acknowledged?

Response: Pharaohs

Just how many Pyramids of Giza were actually made?

Answer: Three

Who which queen was Julius Caesar involved with?

Respond to: Cleopatra

Where performed the Franks compromise following beating the Romans?

Answer: Gaul

The length of time did the Middle Grows older final?

Response: About 1000 years

Which religion taken over the Middle Ages?

Answer: Catholicism

By which 12 months Entire world War I start?

Respond to: 1914

Through which land Adolph Hitler came into this world?

Answer: Austria

John F. Kennedy was assassinated through which town?

Solution: Dallas

On Sunday 18th June 1815, which popular fight took place?

Respond to: The Struggle of Waterloo

Music & Literature Trivia Queries

Songs Trivia Online game Questions

The tunes trivia concerns below will test your know-how about songs and performers across a lot of types. Stay tuned…

Trivia questions on audio

What was the title of your group of people Justin Timberlake was previously component of?

Respond to: N’ SYNC

That which was the brand from the rock band created by Jimmy Web page?

Response: Directed Zeppelin

Which nation managed AC/DC originate in?

Solution: Melbourne

What category of music performed Taylor Fast start in?

Respond to: Region

Who had been the guide vocalist from the iconic ‘80s music band, Culture Group?

Solution: Boy George

Which name is rapper Sean Combs more well known by?

Response: P. Diddy

Which music legend is Jay-Z hitched to?

Answer: Beyonce

The amount of Grammys does John Icon have?

Respond to: Ten

Which British young lady class had a participant known as Mel B?

Solution: Spice Ladies

Which track by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee offers the most landscapes (of all time) on YouTube?Solution: Despacito

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